festive tree lighting and sweet december

Please join us for our annual Festive Tree Lighting and Sweet December celebration on Saturday December 5 at 4:30 PM, directly following our Popup Worship in the side yard.  We will need to limit our attendance at this event so that we can remain safe and socially distanced. More information and registration will be sent by email.  

Learning more about race in america

Messiah's Missions and Outreach Committee created a list of resources for people who want to do more reading, watching, and learning around the issue of race in America.  We'd like to share the list with you so we can continue learning together. 

pop up church is here!

“Pop Up Church” is in-person, outdoor worship Saturdays at 4:00pm. Each week the following groups, up to 50 individuals per week, will be invited for a short, 30 minute spoken service of Holy Communion. Some instrumental music, but no  singing.  A short reflection will be shared. 

Our greeters will welcome you, ask you the COVID-19 questionnaire, and invite you to be seated in socially-distanced sections. Please bring your own camp/lawn chair and a mask. A contribution box will also be available for loose offerings for Pop Up Church costs.

We anticipate Pop Up Church continuing through fall and winter, except in cases of extreme cold or precipitation. 

more news

  • pack 10 cub scout wreaths for sale

    Messiah's Cub Scouts are selling Christmas wreaths again this year. To get yours click here.

Union gospel mission thanksgiving food drive

Due to COVID, donations for Thanksgiving dinners will be made in dollars only. Last year Messiah contributed 20 bags of groceries for the food drive.  Can we financially match that this year and provide funds to create 20 bags in this year of even greater need?  Goal: $500. Present donations: $250. Click here for information about how to give.