Messiah’s Music Ministry is called by God and led by the Spirit to facilitate Christ-centered worship through sacramental music that renews and strengthens God’s people to go forth into the world.

Messiah incorporates a wide variety of music styles and genres within its Sunday services and worship life. These include traditional Episcopal/Anglican and protestant liturgical music and hymnody, current popular styles, world music, gospel, and more. We regularly use a wide variety of instrumentation including pipe organ, piano, guitars, flute, keyboard synthesizer, drums/percussion, brass, and stringed instruments.

Our goal is to worship the triune God and to enable and enhance the assembled people’s participation in worship. Messiah has a tradition of strong and full participation from the congregation in worship and song.  We strive for quality and genuine musical expression and our role is primarily that of worshipers and worship leaders rather than performers.


There are several opportunities for involvement within one of our established groups or as a special music presentation (soloist, small group, etc.). Our staff, Music Director Jeff Kidder and Music Minister Paul Johnson, are here to serve the community by leading music and incorporating musical gifts of the community, encouraging participation and leadership.


This group plays a critical role in leading music at the Sunday worship services. It consists primarily of adults and varies in size and instrumentation. It almost always includes one or both of our music staff on keyboard, guitar, and vocals, and often includes flute, drums and percussion, strings, and bass guitar. It has a devoted core of volunteers who play most weeks, but is open to instrumentalists and singers who can participate on a regular or periodic basis.

  • Age Requirement: Teens and Adults
  • Rehearsal time: scheduled with participants as needed
  • Various group constellations play for the Sunday 8:30 and 11 a.m. worship services (year-round) and other special services.


This seasonal choir forms three times per year around the highest feast days and seasons, Advent/Christmas (Nov-Dec), Lent/Easter (Feb-April) and Pentecost (occurs between midMay and mid June). The first two sessions each last approximately eight weeks and the final one is very brief (two weeks). This is the primary choir opportunity at Messiah and generally consists of 12-20, mostly adult, voices. We sing a varied repertoire from classical to contemporary and need voices from all sections (SATB).

  • Age requirement: 9th grade and older
  • Rehearsal time: Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8 p.m. (when in session)
  • Sings: Anthems at the 11 a.m. service approximately every other week (during Festival seasons).


A group of student instrumentalists and singers who leads music at youth nights and monthly at Sunday worship. Students can be involved for the whole year or portions of it, but must attend rehearsals to be ensured the opportunity to play/lead.

  • Age requirement: Junior and senior high students
  • Rehearsals: scheduled with participants for the week prior to the Sunday they are scheduled to play and prior to youth nights
  • Leads music/worship two Wednesdays each month at Messiah’s Youth night and also one Sunday each month at our 11 a.m. worship service.


Children participating in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (children’s education) have opportunities to sing in that context. Children participating in Sunday Children’s Chapel also have periodic opportunities to sing in that context and occasionally share a song on Sunday mornings with the wider congregation.


Vocalists and instrumentalists provide special music offerings for Sunday worship services on a periodic basis. These are often special solos, duets, or small group offerings during the prelude or offertory or as special instrumental accompaniment for congregational hymns or choir anthems. All ages welcome.