Announcements for May 24, 2015

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Announcements for May 24, 2015

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Going Away Gift for John Newton

Dear Parishioner,

As we prepare to bid farewell to our rector, Rev. John Newton, this June, we also have the opportunity to celebrate his ministry throughout the past 10 years at Messiah Episcopal Church. These years were marked by growth, challenge, and change for our church.

John has, every year, exceeded expectation in his work among us. He has been an unflagging advocate for Christ in our community and a tireless shepherd of Messiah’s flock. We are so grateful for John’s service.

To that end, we would like to bless him with a monetary expression of our gratitude.

Being a pastor has never been a lucrative career; this is our opportunity to give a great gift to John in recognition of his excellent service to our congregation and in recognition of a distinguished career in service to Christ and his church. The Wardens and the Vestry have committed $10,000.

Would you be willing to share in giving this gift? We are asking you to commit an amount of your choice towards this gift to John. You can send your gift to the church in the envelope provided or bring it on a Sunday with “John Newton gift” in the memo line. We ask that you would return your gift to the church by the end of June.

Thank you for considering this gift. We hope you are able to participate in blessing someone who has so richly blessed Messiah.

In Christ’s Love and Service,

Rachael Arnott
Senior Warden

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Construction Update

It’s the season of construction here in Minnesota, and this year that’s going to impact how you get to church. There are a few projects to watch out for:

Ford Parkway

Ford Parkway will be under construction for major work from June through October. There may be lane closures and parking will be prohibited along both sides of Ford Parkway. Get more information from Ramsey County.

With no parking on Ford Parkway, our other street parking options will be limited. Be sure to obey all St. Paul parking regulations—there’s no parking within 30 feet of a stop sign, 20 feet of an unmarked intersection and 5 feet of a driveway.

Snelling & 94

The Snelling Avenue bridge spanning I-94 is closed through August 22. If you come to Messiah from I-94 or Snelling, you might need to find a detour. There’s more information from the Minnesota Department of Transportation.

The weekend of May 15-17, I-94 will be closed from 35E to 280.

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Announcements for May 17, 2015

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Announcements for May 17, 2015

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Project Home Stories: Singing Teens

“One of the most memorable evenings at Project Home for me was one spent sitting around a table playing Taboo with a mom and her four teenage children. Their thanks to us for hosting them? A beautiful concert of their blended voices!” -Anne Towner

In June, Messiah is hosting Project Home, the overflow family homeless shelter for Ramsey County. We need volunteers for evening and overnight shifts. There will be a training on Sunday, May 17 at 10 a.m. at Messiah.

Learn more or sign up today.

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Manitoba Moose Auction Offerings

The Manitoba Moose Supper Club will be open for one night only, This Friday May 8th with seating’s starting at 5:30 pm.

Each year we host a silent and live auction at our event- below we have listed items we currently have up for bid. Take a look and come ready to have a great time, great food and listen to great music!!

Silent Auction Offerings

1. Bread Baking class with Libby Johnson

2. Cell Phone Mastery with Imad Libbus This is a class where you can find the best apps to make full use of your smart phone as well as learn some tips a tricks (all smart phones apply).

3. Beer Making with John DesHarnais Learn the process of brewing and bottling and taste

4. Dinner at Chez McKnightia Join the Mcknights for a fun French dinner, with faux mustaches and accents encouraged.

5. Taekwondo Lessons taught by Brad Schrag Includes, four one-hour group Tae Kwon Do sessions led by second degree black belt Brad Schrag. Topics will include forms, technique, conditioning and board breaking.

6. Indian meal hosted by Lori Goetz and Sarah Brown Indian Festive Dinner, including dhal, koftas, Indian pickle and chutney, naan, wine and beer.

7. Beading Class instructed by Laura Wiley

8. Photography Class by Paul Johnson

9. Edible Landscaping by Susan Gappa Learn how to make your landscape beautiful and delicious!.

10. Cello Playing by Christy Libbus Hire the talented Christy to play music of your choosing at your next party or possibly a romantic evening with your significant other.

11. High Tea hosted Anne and Susan Come to enjoy the greatness that is tea!

12. Bar tending by Mary Arnold Mary is a licensed bartender and will serve at your next event! She has lot’s of recipes to choose from and will be a great addition to your next shindig!

13. Knit Shall crafted Myra Arnold

14. 2 Crochet Puppies crafted by Hope McKnight

15. CD’s donated by Tim Davey 16. 4 Pieces of Art by Laura Wiley & Friends

17. Box of Cards by Mina Richardson and Kelly Hoffman

18. Wood Figures hand carved by Ed Kopietz

20. Microwave

21. Bag of hats!

22. Men’s Shirts

23. Dog Lover’s Basket


Live Auction Offerings 

1. Dine 1-1 by Dan Booth Hire this delicious food truck that will be a hit at your summer event!

2. Honey Rock Cabin Need to get away? Rent out this lovely cabin for a Fall vacation!

3. Manual Labor- Boys Discipleship Group Need some heavy lifting done or some landscaping work? Look no further, 4-5 guys with come out to your home and tackle any task!

4. Orpheum Theater Tickets with Babysitting Get a pair of tickets to the The Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder. Have kids? No problem, these tickets also come with two babysitters, Natalia and Cece Wendlandt, to make your night out hassle free!

5. 2 Pies baked by Joanne Slanger

6. Deer Mount

7. Leftovers

8. Wine and Cheese Picnic Basket

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Announcements for May 10, 2015

For the latest announcements and ministry schedules, please go to:

Announcements for May 10, 2015

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All Things Missions Dinner

Every spring Messiah’s Youth prepare for our big fundraising event: the Missions Dinner. We want to share with you just how much the Missions Dinner means to our youth, our ministry and our church.

Why do we even have a mission dinner?

Easy Answer: It’s a fundraiser. Messiah Episcopal Church has been very thoughtful in how we approach fundraising. We don’t want to be the type of community that is always asking, or trying to guilt people into giving to the church. We pray and seek out ways to encourage others in love to give back to God what is his and what he has blessed you with. Because of this, M. Y . Missions Dinner isn’t just any old fundraiser; it is the one youth fundraiser of the year.

Messiah’s Youth Answer: (This is what we really want you to know.) There are so many things that the Missions Dinner does. Yes, it raises money, but it is so much more than that. It is a place where our youth find belonging, where they are taught how much they are supported by the whole church. It is a place of community where all members are invited and encouraged to take part. Where our youth meet adults who care. They see how serving their church is a worthwhile endeavor. It gets them excited about the upcoming mission trip and all the possibilities that come with that!

The Missions Dinner isa place where parishioners connect with other parishioners. A place for new members to meet parishioners they might not normally meet on a Sunday morning. A place that is easy for not-yet-Christians to be invited to church, an entrance to a community they may be unsure of. It’s an event that is fun—where as a community we come together to have a great time, listening to music, laughing, eating great food, and so much more. Of course, it is important for us to raise money. However, God has always provided for Messiah, especially our youth. My heart says it’s more important that God is at work in this event and in our community because of it. That our ministry can provide an event that would bless others as they bless us means more.

What are we raising money for?

Easy Answer: The senior high mission trip. Every June, the senior high students depart from our door step to share who Jesus is with the world. This always looks different; sometimes we share Jesus by picking up a paint brush, other times it’s been through prayer on the street. The Missions Dinner raises money to help offset the cost of the mission trip, making it more affordable and providing scholarships for youth and/or adults who really want to be a part of our mission’s team. This year we will be pouring into a ministry that we have seen grow over the past 10 years. This will be our fourth trip to Canada to partner with Siloam Mission, a Christ-centered connecting point for Winnipeg’s less fortunate. Our youth help to serve meals, sort and hand out clothes, clean the shelter, pick up trash, and converse with people at the shelter. We will also be helping with their newly opened teen/young adult housing site. It always strikes me how much the employees of the mission appreciate our energy and love. It recharges them and gives them a chance to rest from their exhausting schedule. Our youth are stretched, pulled out of their comfort zones. They are challenged to walk by faith and do something different for God. It is here they encounter Christ, they see that God wants to use them to reach his people. It was on a high school mission trip that I first had a glimpse of God’s call on my life. I believe God is speaking to all our youth through all our events. But there is just something about a mission trip where God can really grab us teach us a few things.

Messiah’s Youth Answer: (More details about whom the money benefits.) This fundraiser benefits all Messiah’s Youth as well as raising the money needed to have youth interns. Without our interns, summer ministry would be impossible.

How can you help?

Easy Answer: Come to the Missions Dinner.

Messiah’s Youth Answer: Come to the Missions Dinner!

Here’s how it all works. We decorate all three levels of the church, and host the best dinner party around! Our guests are asked to make a reservation between the times of 5:30 and 7: 30 p.m. Remember we have childcare for those who need it from 5:30 to 7 p.m. Just like a restaurant, you will enter our front doors and be greeted by a host. They will confirm the number in your group, and allow you to check out the gathering space. In the gathering space, you will find that you have crossed the border into Canada. There is a bar to grab a drink and appetizers. We also have our silent auction displayed in this area. Take your time to peruse the items, make a few bids, and check out what will be auctioned later in our live auction.

After you have had time to do this, our host will find you and escort your party to the undercroft for dinner. Here you will enter the Manitoba Moose, our up north supper club. There is live music to fit our ambiance. Your party will be greeted and served by our Mission Team, as you enjoy a delicious restaurant quality meal! After you have finished dinner, you will be greeted by the director of the mission team, and given an envelope to make a contribution for dinner. We ask for a donation, one that would bless the youth in their mission trip. After dinner you are invited to the Youth Loft (on the third floor) for coffee, dessert and live music. We have local talent of all ages grace our stage. Enjoy homemade desserts, while making new friends. At 8:30 p.m. our live auction starts, join in on the fun and bid for a few of our larger items!

We would love to see you at our Mission dinner and supporting our youth!! If you are unable to make it but still would like to contribute, you may drop a check in the offering plate and note “Missions Dinner” on the memo line.

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Transition Update: May 2015

Since Rev. John Newton announced his retirement earlier this year, effective this summer, the vestry and the wardens have been wrestling with the challenge of the upcoming transition. Guided by the advice of Bishop Brian Prior, we’re seeking balance between making progress in finding John’s successor while also celebrating John’s ministry. We don’t want be so busy in the work of replacing John that we fail to enjoy our last days with him. We’ve had an incredible 10 years with John Newton as our rector and we’re so thankful for his leadership. John’s last Sunday will be June 28 and he’ll be using accumulated vacation in July. His last official day will be Aug. 1.

Goodbye Party

The entire church is invited to come and celebrate the more than 40 years of John Newton’s ministry at a party on June 26 at Como Park picnic pavilion. This will be our official opportunity to say thank you to John and Karen Newton and send them off.

Going Away Gift

The vestry and wardens have also committed to a going away gift for John. Considering John’s exemplary service we want to give this expression of our gratitude. We hope you’ll prayerfully consider sharing in this gift. We ask that donations be sent to the church.

We hope you’ll join us in celebrating John’s ministry, both in these “official” means, as well as on your own. We need to cherish these last Sundays with John.

Interim Rector, Search Committee & More

While we want to focus on John during this time, practical realities mean we also do need to be working our transition plan. We’ll have more details as we go, including monthly updates during the worship services, but for now here’s a quick overview:

  • By the time you read this, we hope to have an interim rector chosen, both for John’s vacation in July and during the transition (hopefully the same person).
  • A search committee will be formed in May to begin the process of finding a new rector.
  • In early June we’ll begin a parish discovery process with opportunities to give feedback both in person and online.
  • We are addressing other needs, including a pastoral support and prayer team, which we hope to establish in June.

Transition is never easy, but we’re thankful for the work God has done at Messiah through John Newton and we’re excited about the future God has in store for Messiah.

Prayer & Additional Questions

We as the wardens and vestry want to remain accountable to the congregation and covet your prayers. Right now we especially pray for John and Karen Newton and are so thankful for the blessing they have been to Messiah. If you have questions or input, please don’t hesitate to bring them to us.

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Messiah Spring Newsletter

For the latest newsletter, including a message from John Newton, more about the Mission Dinner and information about the transition, please go to:

Messiah Spring 2015 Newsletter

For a summer schedule of Children’s and Youth activities, please go to:

Family Flyer – May 2015

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