Simplify: Books by Richard Swenson

The Overload Syndrome by Richard SwensonSimplify, simplify, simplify, said Thoreau. Easy for him to say in 1854, lacking spouse, children, steady employment. Perhaps not so easy for us in 2013. But luckily there is someone to not only say it clearly, but show us how to do it. His name is Richard Swenson, a physicist turned M.D. turned author of a popular series of books on that 20th century malaise: overload. All these books are available at Messiah’s best-kept secret, our library—that little room just visible from the gathering space. One such book is called The Overload Syndrome: Learning to Live Within Your Limits. Dr. Swenson identifies the overall problem: “decreasing space between our load and our limits”—that “margin” where peace and calm and devotion can flourish. Then he identifies specific areas (in this case 13 of them) of life where such margins are being squeezed out. He offers “prescriptions” for change—175 of them, all consistent with biblical living. Stop in to the Messiah library today and pick up one of Dr. Swenson’s books, available on a three-week check-out. It could change your life.

Whether or not you have time to read a book, come to hear Dr. Swenson discuss these subjects on Saturday, Jan. 18, at Messiah.

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