Stewardship Witness from 10/27: Bill Poehler

I have a couple of thoughts about my giving of time and money at Messiah.

1. I think about my heart. My willingness to give is an indicator of my heart toward the Lord. He doesn’t need my time or money, but he uses them to deepen my trust in him.

2. Giving has been a way for me to commit to being a member of the body of Christ. It’s a way to say, “I’m in. I want to be a part of what you’re doing, Lord. I want to obey you and trust you.”

3. I have faced some financial pressures in the last two years, and the Lord has shown me the ways I have depended more on money than on him. So he is using money to help me grow in faith. He has also been generous to me is surprising and unnecessary ways. I came home from a recent business trip to find my house painted, which I was planning to do last weekend — when it was raining. And I have been invited on two trips to other countries this year, and they have cost me nothing.

Whether in giving time or money at Messiah, I have received so much back. In serving on the healing team, I get to see how God is working in others’ lives, often through suffering. I am encouraged to trust him more, just as you are who come for prayer. I see his healing and redemptive work, and my faith is strengthened.

So I receive more than I give. That seems to be the Lord’s way.

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