Ministry Fair: Serving & Sharing

On Sunday morning we had the first of three ministry fairs in the gathering space, showcasing ministries at Messiah and how you can get involved. On the next two Sundays (Sept. 22 & 29) the ministry fair will continue with different ministries.

Come see all that’s happening at Messiah and find a place where you can share your talents and time.

Not all ministry at Messiah has to take a lot of time. Sometimes it’s as simple as sharing your story. While looking for volunteers on Sunday, the communications ministry asked those who couldn’t volunteer to share something simple. Here’s a brief taste of what happens at Messiah and why people love their church:

Today in church I prayed with a friend and it really blessed me. I love Messiah because people care what's going on in my life.I love Messiah because…

  • “People care what’s going on in my life.”
  • “We go camping over Memorial Day weekend.”
  • “Of all the beautiful Karen kids!”

Today in church I…

  • “Prayed with a friend and it really blessed me!”
  • “Played in the worship band.”
  • “Brought my daughter to Sunday School.”
  • “Got the bus started, ran the sound board, set up for translation.”
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