Feasibility Study Interviews 7/23 & 7/25

The entire congregation is being invited to participate in a feasibility study to assess our capability to conduct a debt reduction campaign.  Parishioners received a letter from Mark Davy & Associates, a fundraising consulting firm based in Minneapolis.  Interviews are being conducted at the church on Tuesday and Thursday, July 23 and July 25 from 9 am to 8:30 pm.  If an in-person interview isn’t convenient there is the possibility of online response or a telephone interview.  The study will focus on the following areas:

* How informed members are regarding our financial situation.

* How important members believe retiring our debt is to the church.

* The strengths of our congregation and issues that may affect a campaign.

* The level of potential volunteers within the congregation to conduct a successful campaign.

* The level of financial support available.

Further information is available from the Vestry, Wardens, and Capital Appeal Committee (Grant Fair, Dale Halladay, Nancy Clauss)

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